Site settings

Your site settings is the overall information for your website. This information gets pulled and displayed throughout the website.

Company information

Your company information is where all your header and footer information is stored. Your site name, tagline, phone number, address, and email have been pulled in from Sign Up. This information can be changed at any time.

Site tagline

Your tagline can be as simple as you’d like. In our pre-set text we use the example “Serving the greater Any City and surrounding townships.”

Add company logo

You have the ability to upload a company logo in your site settings if you have one. Click “browse” to upload from your computer. If you do not have a logo the “Site Name” will be used.

The area where your company logo appears is horizontal. If you have a vertical logo, we advise you to reshape it to make it horizontal. A simple way to achieve that is by adding white space to the left and right of your logo.

Social media icons

If you have a social media presence and want the icons to appear on your website, this is where you add the links.

Paste your Facebook or Twitter URLs in the spot provided by replacing the hashtag (#). If you do not have a specific social media account, delete hashtag to remove icon from your website.

Examples of social media links:

Please note: the icons will appear in both the header and footer unless you uncheck the box specifying otherwise.

Google analytics

Once your site is live you can start tracking the amount of traffic (visitors) your site receives. If you already have Google Analytics, you can add your Tracking-ID in this section.

If you don’t have an account,  click here.

Add Google Analytics tracking ID

  • Log in and click “Edit your website”.
  • From the top toolbar, click “Site Settings”.
  • On the left-hand tab, click “Google Analytics”.
  • Add your Google tracking ID number.
  • Click “Save”.