Add a page

Your Inspector’s Edge website comes with 6 pre-written pages.

To add a blank page, when logged in, the option can be found under Pages > Add A Page.

Page title and page layout are a required field. You cannot save without filling these out.

Please note: any page can be turned into a sub-page item (see Sub Item).

Edit current page

To edit the current page, when logged in, the option can be found under Pages > Current Page.

Under current page you have the ability to adjust the page layout to a full-width, removing the sidebar all together, or changing the sidebar to the left side.

You can also adjust the page description for each page, this text is used for your pages description in search results.

Add page description

  • From the top ‘Pages’ pulldown menu, select “Current Page”.
  • In the “Page Description” field, write a 130 character description of your web page.
  • Click “Save”.

The page title is always required.

Remember to save your changes before exiting.

Arrange menu

Inspector’s Edge has chosen the layout of the menu based on a logical level of importance.

When logged in you can arrange your pages under Pages > Arrange Pages Menu.

To edit the positioning of your menu items:

Hold your mouse over the left side display cursor; “click and hold”

Drag the menu item to the position you want it in.
Release your mouse.

Sub item

If you wish to make a top level page a sub page/sub menu item:

Hold your mouse over the left side display cursor; “click and hold”

Drag that menu item to the right of the menu item you want it underneath (to be a sub-item of).
Release your mouse.

Manage pages

Under manage pages you will find two tabs, active pages, and trashed pages.

Active pages

Your active pages are the pages that are currently visible on your website. You have the option to view each individual page, or trash it.

Trashed pages

Your trashed pages are pages that you have removed, but not deleted from your website. These are not permanently gone, you have the option to insert them back into your website and menu, or permanently delete them.

When logged in, you can manage all your pages under Pages > Manage Pages.

Privacy policy

Found in the footer of your website, Inspector’s Edge has set up a page template for your Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy needs to be customized with the current date, and any other information you feel necessary to add.

When logged in, by clicking “edit privacy policy” you will be redirected to the Privacy Policy Page.

Place your mouse over the top right hand corner to reveal your “EDIT” tool. Click the “EDIT” tool to bring you to your editor; to make the necessary changes and then click “save”.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of high-quality copy, page links, real-time content, and much more.

In creating a helpful, information-rich website, we have written pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. When customizing the copy, think about the words your clients would type to find your pages and include those words on your website.

Search Engines even evaluate the quality of the pages that are you are linking to and vice versa. If they are on topic, relevant and popular, Search Engines are going to assume you are more credible than if off-topic.

Please note: you will not appear on Search Engines right away. This will take some time for Search Engines to properly crawl your site and catalogue all the information.