Change layout or width

Depending on which template you have chosen to start off with, the width of both the template and content have been pre-selected for you. This section is where you will learn how to change them.

Page layout

Your page layout, is the width (or layout) of the entire page. Full width, Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar.

Found at the top of every page, in your navigation is PagesCurrent Page; this will bring you to your current page editor.

Under Page Layout is where you can adjust the layout of your current page. The default is set to Right Sidebar, you have the ability to adjust to Left Sidebar, or full-width (removing the sidebar all together).

Please note: this is for individual pages, not the entire website. 

Content block width

When creating new, or editing old content blocks (eg. text blocks, photos, testimonials, buttons,) you have the option of setting the width. The width is something that can be changed later on, just as easily as the text itself.

Full width

Full width will only be as wide as the column will allow. If you have a sidebar it will only fill the width of the main centre column.

Two thirds

Two thirds width will be two thirds of your main content column. If you set an item to one third you can place them beside each other.


Half width will take up half the space of the your main content section. Picture two boxes side by side. If you were to remove one, half the space would still be taken up.

One third

One third width will be one third of your main content column. If you set an item to two thirds you can place them beside each other.